04 April 2013

Don't blame me...

...I didn't vote for them...

The number of public-sector workers earning more than $100,000 has grown, the provincial government's latest "sunshine list" reveals.

The list, released annually, now includes the names of 88,412 people, an increase of 11 per cent over the number of individuals included on the list last year. Since 2009, its ranks have grown by 39 per cent.
And that's why we called him McSlippery.


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Remember how the former premier couldn’t do enough to satisfy the education sector? McGuinty was more than happy to buy peace by delivering a cumulative 24% worth of teacher pay increases over nine years.

Now Wynne, a former education minister no less, has agreed that capitulation is the better part of valour.

Taxpayers will of course be footing the bill, estimated to be around $63 million. This is on top of compensation to fund more days off, extended sick leave and maternity leave for both teachers and support staff represented by OSSTF.
It's only money... right?


Anonymous said...

I see the point but when you consider inflation since 1995 when the list was brought in - 100k then is about 138.9k in 2012 (if you use CPI as your inflation source). That is a 38.9% increase right there.

The interesting comparison would be how many people in 1995 were at and above the 100k mark compared to how many people in 2012 being at or above $138.9k

Anonymous said...

imagine, all those people getting all that money for producing nothing.