06 April 2013

Speaking of drugs...

..the victimless crime...
business as usual

"According to the Vancouver Police, the brazen killings were both organized by the same man; Rabih Alkhalil, a 25-year-old drug kingpin now wanted in all three of Canada’s largest cities."

"While it is quite rare for a man in his early 20s to head a major drug smuggling ring, Alkhalil comes from a well-established criminal lineage."

"In 2001, Alkhalil’s brother Khalil was shot to death outside his apartment block when he was only 19." "Two years later, another brother, Mahmoud, was killed during a gunfight at a Vancouver nightclub that left three people dead, including a 32-year-old innocent bystander."

Soon after their arrival, another brother, Nabil was sentenced to 2.5 years for an assault conviction. Almost immediately upon his 2005 release, he led officers on a reckless high-speed chase in his Cadillac Deville while attempting to smuggle a duffel bag of cocaine from Toronto.

"Two other Alkhalil brothers, Terry and Hisham, are believed to still be living in Canada."

"He was born in Saudi Arabia but his family settled in Surrey, B.C. in 1990 as refugees."
Oh Canada.


Anonymous said...

So this mean that when they’re caught that they will be extradited? NOT! This is Canada the home of equality!!!! Such a beautiful story of Canadian multiculturalism.

David Stewart said...

Alcohol the date rape elephant in the room. There were more victims of this legal substance Saturday night than ALL other drugs that you would like to demonize combined smartypants.

Neo Conservative said...

"david stewart says... There were more victims of this legal substance Saturday night..."

so, david... are you advocating prohibiting alcohol... or legalising heroin & cocaine?

or perhaps both?