01 April 2013

In other "broad strata" news

Hang on a second... I thought the devil was in the details.

"The incident began with an altercation between two groups of people."
I'm confused. Is the mainstream media actually reporting that some demographics are more prone to deadly violence, er... "altercations" than others?
“Our information to date, so far, is that there were no innocent people or innocent bystanders that were shot or targeted,” said Toronto Police Detective Rob North.
Hmm, "no innocents", huh? One killed and another lying maimed in hospital... and only guilty yet strangely unidentifiable groups of people involved?

But, but, but... guilty groups. That's racist, right?

Well, not necessarily. It's all gonna hinge on what mysterious "groups" were involved here. Kiwanas, Girl Scouts, Mechanical Engineers, perhaps Rabbinical students? Well, whoever it is... the reporting here is saying they deserved what they got.

Of course, the lunatic left will argue that this sort of thing doesn't affect ordinary people who mind their own business. It's not like this happened at a busy shopping cent... wait a minute.


UPDATE: Murder victim id'd

Not the Kiwanas after all...known to police
Police say Michael Nguyen was killed Saturday night, an hour before Yorkdale shopping centre was set to close. He was shot outside of the Sears store by at least two assailants who used “several” guns in the attack.
Sure doesn't sound like any group I'd care to belong to.



Let's not forget that the primary function of a criminal defence lawyer is not to get to the truth, but to get his client cleared of all charges...
At the time, Windsor lawyer Frank Miller argued that Nguyen was an exemplary inmate and had turned his life around. “This didn’t have to happen…. This was a kid who really could see another life — a life beyond the street.”

“He was pro-social,” Miller recalled on Monday. “He wanted to change his life. Didn’t want to continue to be involved in the criminal justice system.”
Ah, yes... he was on the verge of turning his life around... also known as "burying the lede"...
Nguyen was known to be a “co-leader” of the Asian Assassinz — a Toronto street gang.
A leader of the Assassinz gets, well... you get the picture.

It still doesn't stop the MSM from trying to deify this thug.


UPDATE2: In other Hogtown homicide news
The twin killings are the 16th and 17th homicides in Toronto so far this year.

LAST WORD: As Canadian as...

...a public beheading.