09 April 2013

Good deeds performed daily

Compassionate, intellectual left... yet again... dishes out the milk of human kindness...
scratch a lefty... find a sociopath

"Police stood by and watched as more and more people arrived with their drink and banners mocking her death. Shouts of 'Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! dead, dead, dead!' rang around gleefully."

"The revellers downed alcohol and brandished placards reading 'The bitch is dead' and 'Rejoice Thatcher is dead.' Many revellers appeared younger than the 23 years which have passed since Thatcher left office."

"There were even two guys playing double bass and acoustic guitar in the crowd for a singalong. At the start of the evening, the whole thing resembled a middle-class music festival more than a raucous demo."
Funny how these sorts of folk are always available, day or night, to celebrate their self-imagined victimhood.


Demonstrating his awareness of international affairs...
the heir transparentWake up and smell the DNA.


Pissedoff said...

You could smell this Canada's national animal


David said...

I didn't know they put on a music festival. It looks like the Occupy movement is diversifying and has now become a band of funeral crashers.

Neo Conservative said...

"david says... become a band of funeral crashers."

it seems it's what they do best these days... i'm sure marx & lenin would be proud.