25 April 2013

First, you acknowledge there's a war...

...second, you decide whether you want to win it...

"Across the board, state agencies flatly refused to provide information about the taxpayer-funded lifestyle for the 26-year-old man and his brother and accused accomplice Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19."
Of course, let's not hurt anybody's feelings here.

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...didn't get the "hurtful words" memo...
MAKHACHKALA, Russia (CBS/AP) — The mother of the two Boston bombing suspects told reporters that “America took my kids away from me” and wished she had never left Russia.

Why did I even go there?” Zubeidat Tsarnaeva said, crying, after CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata asked if she regretted the move.

The mother told reporters at that same press conference that she would be “happy” to give up her U.S. citizenship, and that she was “thinking about it.”
Right up until the moment she signs that million dollar book deal, I'm guessing.


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...if you're just gonna ignore them?
-- TORONTO -- A Toronto man accused of conspiring to bomb a Via train was arrested in 2004 on a deportation order issued in 1998 but released, QMI Agency has learned.

Raed Jaser was taken into custody Aug. 23, 2004, and was working illegally and using numerous aliases, an Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) detention hearing was told two days later.

The IRB documents don't make it clear why Jaser was released.
Who was the Immigration Minister in 2004?