16 April 2013

Dance of Death

Just another curious little artifact of "cultural relativism"...dance of death**********

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...we give them 300 million dollars AND they dance on our graves?

“Our $300-million over five years in support of security and humanitarian aid is important,” Mr. Baird’s press secretary, Rick Roth, said in an e-mail after the meeting.
Maybe the word "humanitarian" has a different meaning over there?

Regardless... the Pals must see us as the biggest dopes in the rainbow-hued world.


UPDATE: It took 20 hours...

...but President O'Pologetic finally said the "T word"...
"President Obama reversed himself on Tuesday and declared the Boston Marathon bombings to be 'an act of terrorism'.”
See... how hard was that?


Anonymous said...

Yet once again America gets attacked and yet once again the people are blinded! Blinded by the fact that radical Islam is here to stay. Why? Cause the U.S. and Canada will not do a damn thing about it. After 9/11 America embraced the wonderful benevolent religion of Islam and opened her doors, hearts and citizenship to all the Islamic world, shamefully under the leadership of the greatest president in American history. Even after the Benghazi attacks president Obama and stupid looking Hilary apologized to the Muslim world for a dumb video.

Prime Minister Stephan Harper has stated on the public record that radical Islam is the number one threat to Canada’s national security and yet we have let in a record number of immigrants from Islamic countries that support jihad against the western world. In fact Canada has literally set the most pathetic example of appeasing radical Islam through the politically correct police and the fact that the government had failed to deport known terrorists living on Canadian soil. These known terrorists are considered just as Canadian as you and me despite the fact that they raise money for jihad, fight for the enemy killing coalition soldiers and openly pray for allah to destroy the Kuffar.

Great Britain has also embraced Islam despite the attacks of 7/7/05 just the same as many other European countries. Political correctness has been the fertilizer that has helped radical Islam grow in Canada, America and Europe. Furthermore, the concept of political correctness intimidates the media, law enforcement and everyday patriotic people such as myself who are branded as racists, xenophobic and Islamaphobic.

May God have mercy!

Patsplace said...

It's sickening that we give them anything other than the toe of our boot.

Neo Conservative said...

"jeremy sys... we have let in a record number of immigrants from Islamic countries that support jihad against the western world"

you have a source for that assertion, right?

if you wanna get pissed off about unrestricted immigration, i suggest you turn your focus to st pierre of quebec & the liberal party of canada... who dumbed down immigration requirements with the express purpose of recruiting party followers over the last 4 decades.

i have no problem with immigrants... provided they're prepared to leave their blood feuds and criminal tendencies behind. and that applies equally to glaswegian soccer hooligans and religious extremists of any stripe.

one people, one law.


Anonymous said...

neo.... the source for that assertion is the immigration numbers compiled by the government. remember only a follower of islam will commit islamic jihad.

Neo Conservative said...

you have the url for that? i'd love to see those numbers.