03 April 2013

I'm sorry, this is Canada...

...the government says you're not allowed to defend yourself.no self defense allowedbutton - more content


Frances said...

Read somewhere where hair spray can be fairly effective, and a travel size fits in most purses.

Neo Conservative said...

any port in a storm, i guess.

here at the halls we have bear spray, which can be bought at sporting goods stores. of course, we also have bears in the area, which justifies possession.

the point is, should the government be able to take away your right to self defense?


Anonymous said...

I would not worry much because now that we have a majority conservative government lead by Mr. Stephan Harper, we will now see some big changes removing us from liberal oppression. Stephan Harper has promised that he will now introduce legislation making it legal to defend yourself, your family and your property.

Anonymous said...

I think we have to realize that in terms of self defence the government (any government, not just Liberals)are not your supporters despite what they infrequently say for the TV cameras.

Even if any given politician pays lip service to the concept of self defence or some inconsequentyial backbencher promotes it vigorously it doesn't matter.

Judges, bureaucrats, law enforcement officials and lawyers are firmly against the idea.

Accept this and behave accordingly.

Example. - Build yourself a home made stun gun from internet plans. Hide it well and tell no one about it.

Then one night you are attacked in a parking lot. Zap your assailent with the stun gun and and kick the living shit out of him when he goes down. You will have taught him a lesson greater than any judge will ever do.


They will arrest you and the system will treat you far more harshly that they will ever treat the scumbag.

You can protect yourself or you can hope maybe the state (might) protect you but trying both doesn't work.