24 April 2013

Dear Justin...

...you wanna impress me, do something about this...
i'm from the government

"The average family earned $74,113 and paid $31,615 in taxes, including income, sales and property taxes; employment insurance and Canada Pension Plan contributions; and what the institute calls 'hidden' taxes like import duties and gas taxes."

"The tax bill has ballooned 1,787% since 1961, the report says.
How exactly, could that have happened? Here's a clue...
"In 1968, when Trudeau went from rich, socialist professor who had never held a real job in his life to prime minister, Canada’s national debt was a modest $11.3 billion; the federal deficit was zero."

"When Trudeau left office in 1984, the debt had mushroomed to $128 billion; the deficit to $25 billion annually."
And, it seems... the apple doesn't drop all that far from the tree...
"The highest-spending MP with the smallest riding by area in Canada was Liberal Justin Trudeau. He represents the Montreal riding of Papineau, just 9 square kilometres with 70,115 electors. He spent $445,566.97 — or $6.35 per voter, or $49,507 per square kilometre."
Oh Canada.


Ah, yes... the return of Polardiscoball...
have you seen the gut on your bitch? Oh you have one too
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"You’re with us secretary fornicators, or the child pornographers"
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Literally he's a Zombie, Dick Cheney is an anti-christ Zombie he's got no heartbeat, think of that, is that not in the scriptures? A man who walks with no heartbeat and feels no remorse for the millions of deaths.

Those mother fuckers took us to war for money, isn't it amazing?
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But don't you worry... now that there's a Trudeau on the scene, everything's gonna be peachy.


Polardiscoball said...

Justin has freed the backbench slaves from their silence. I for one am looking forward to more quotes from the bible in the house.

Snicker snicker.

I can't imagine what sort of free speech the Harperor was afraid of...

or can I? ; )

Two more years of listening to backwoods cons should help educate the electorate.

Thankyou Justin.

Anonymous said...

and Canadians should be shocked by this entitled and spoiled little rich kid spending all their money???

Anyone who's old enough to remember will point out that before good old daddy was elected the dollar was worth a dollar like it is again today. People understood without question with rights and freedoms came responsibility. Something Dada neglected to write into the charter of rights and freedoms.

He also set in motion the entire East against the West, Quebec against the rest, and Helped Atlantic Canada into helplessness with the off shore oil rights given to Quebec...a non coastal province, and allowed the Atlantic economy to be decimated by not encouraging anything beyond fishing to be developed off their shores. Under Daddy's watch we saw the one and only time we had ARMED Soldiers in our streets, in Canada! The Economic Centers that were developing in the West were crushed by Toronto's Bay Street effectively making Toronto the Center of the universe.

The list goes on and if this trumped up Popinjay gets a crack at any real power Canadians are going to discover what it means to have a Trudeau and perhaps that's even scarier then the scary and cruel Stephen Harper getting 2 more terms

Neo Conservative said...

yup... i'm sure substitute drama teachers across the nation are quivering with pride.

of course, anyone who cares about the real world issues is getting that feeling of deja-vu...

"The highest-spending MP with the smallest riding by area in Canada..."

but, but, but... he has pierre's magical dna cranking away in the background.


farmerboy said...

a relatively unbiased source of info on this topic might be teh Vanier Institute of the Family's annual survey on household spending. Why is it so difficult for some people to look at facts and come up with rational thoughts. Govt is way too intrusive; in some cases answering the call for social action but too much of late providing a cushy living for bureaucrats, et al