08 July 2011

A Tale of Two Torontos

“My concern is the Toronto District School Board is using tax money to tell girls that they are second-class citizens,” Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress said Thursday. He charged that proponents of the prayer sessions are allowing them to happen because of “white, liberal guilt."

“Deep inside is a racist view that Muslims are not considered equal human beings, and that they can treat women how they want, and it’s nobody else’s concern,” said Fatah.
That can't be true, can it? I mean, this isn't Khandahar, this is Canada...
TDSB spokesman Shari Schwartz-Maltz confirmed on Thursday that prayer sessions at Valley Park Middle School are “traditional,” where boys and girls are separated.
Oh, c'mon now... what sort of person would accept... oh... right...
-- TORONTO -- School boards MUST ACCOMMODATE faith needs and that may include full religious services, Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Barbara Hall says.
Hang on, now... "full religious services"... IN OUR SCHOOLS?

Is that what Canadians want? I don't think so.

More importantly, is Dalton McGuinty on the same page as Barbara Hall?


Frances said...

And when will the HRC require schools to allow Catholics to say the Stations of the Cross at appropriate moments? Complete, of course, with said Stations mounted on the walls.

kursk said...

Barbara Hall is a Buffoon, a dangerous, tax payer funded one no doubt, but a buffoon nonetheless...

Neo Conservative said...

so where's dalton in all this?

"Even McGuinty on election night took a shot at Tory because of it: 'We do not want to see our children divided,' McGuinty told supporters gathered at Ottawa's Fairmont Chateau Laurier. "We want publicly funded schools, not public funds for private schools."

but favouring one religion over all others in publicly funded schools is okay?

just more fiberal hypocrisy.