05 July 2011

Sheesh, there's just no pleasing some folks

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's stunning last minute reversal on Gay Pride Parade universally condemned as... "too little, too late"...

gay old time**********

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"A woman police sergeant who worked the parade for three years told me that the number of sexual assault charges was incredibly high, perhaps higher than at any other time in the year, during the Gay Pride weekend."

"I asked her if she would go public, but she laughed and said she liked her job."
(via ffof)


LAST WORD: Obviously, he hasn't been to...

...Toronto lately...
"Balint said he risks having a criminal record if he's found nude, which can make it difficult to travel or find a job."


Pissedoff said...

Was this men assaulting women or women assaulting queers.

Neo Conservative said...

you know a metro cop... you could try asking him/her... but i suspect you'd need a "freedom of information" request to pry actual numbers loose.


Mr Peewee said...

I like my photo, you got my best side :-)

Neo Conservative said...

yup... who wouldn't be extra proud of this panorama.