03 July 2011

Of course... why wouldn't Mayor Ford...

...want to be a part of such a distinguished & enlightened event?

gay old time

-- TORONTO -- A religious sect that believes the swastika was hijacked by the Nazis will try to "remove the negativity attached to it" at the Gay Pride parade Sunday.

Members of the Quebec-based International Raelian Movement will staff an information booth at the annual event in the hopes of raising awareness of "the true meaning of the swastika, which is more positive."
Well, heck... good to know it ain't all just about naked men, drag queens & squirt guns...
Claude Vorihon, the founder of the IRM, says he was hiking in the French woods in 1973 when a UFO landed, and an alien explained to him the true origins of mankind.
See folks... there's all kinds of knowledge out there.


kursk said...

The swastika could be promoted as a symbol of tolerance by Mother Teresa herself and it would not change anything..I am afraid Herr Hitler has put the kibosh on that symbol for, oh, the rest of eternity..

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... Herr Hitler has put the kibosh on that symbol"

not to hear the aliens tell it, apparently.


Gerry said...

Ok, it being a lazy day I am too lazy to verify BUT when I was travelling in India back in the 60's I noticed a swastika looking symbol on upper corners of house decorations. My guide explained that the nazis turned the symbol around (as in reversed) what was seen as a good luck symbol in the local culture there.

Perhaps the alien types would want to compare the symbols more closely to ensure they are the same before trying to redeem the nazi version. But then, as I said, today being a lazy day I am too lazy to verify this recollection.

Frances said...

Neo - I have also heard the swastika was a Hindu symbol long before it was hijacked by the Nazis. I think it was also a Christian symbol, as it is a cross of sorts.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... I have also heard the swastika was a Hindu symbol"

are you sure?

i'm still sorta leanin' towards that whole alien explanation.

i mean... if it's credible enough to get past vetting by the gay pride folks... that's good enough for me.


Sean M said...

The cult of Raelianism seems a lot like the cult of Trudeauvia. They both like the swastika. Maybe these A-Holes can get together and change the current Maple Leaf flag of Canada to the swastika, seeing as changing the flag to pacify the whims of special interests groups is a national past time. I better keep my sarcasm to myself, the left might take it seriously. Anything that destroys or distorts the nations history or traditions is seen as a good ides by the lefty hordes.

dmorris said...


Good feature on the origins of the swastika.

Political Parties will have to wait ONE more generation before they can use that powerful symbol of good luck again.

In another twenty years, historical revisionism will have reduced it's significance to the point where only a few old scholars will remember what it once stood for.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The extreme political stuff and the nudity are obviously the issues of contention regarding the parade.

What would normally be considered illegal and offensive every other day of the year is not only tolerated but flaunted during the parade.

How far do things have to go before the exhibitionism and tastelessness are dialed back a bit?

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne says... normally be considered illegal and offensive"

you mean... "illegal & offensive"... if you or i did it, right? but, these guys... they're just all about the pride, huh?

caledonia has shown us that the law of the land can be ignored along racial lines... the pride parade demonstrates that it can also be thrown out the window based on sexual preference.

i don't get it.