01 July 2011

It's a soft, fluffy Oprah-fied world

As a friend of mine once famously said, "Put her in a Tim Horton's uniform... and nobody'd look twice"...still too many reporters"Everybody", huh? --

Seriously... anybody else miss actual news?


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Under new legislation announced on Thursday, the Queen’s finances will be subjected to the same detailed audit and examination by MPs as Whitehall departments to ensure they provide “value for money”.


Frances said...

Actually, Neo, put her in a Timmy's uniform and she'd still shine. That's the way of the world, unfair as it is: there are people out there who really sparkle while the rest of us don't.

Would like real news, too, though it's usually gloomy. Given a choice between more reportage on riots, bombings, massacres, and this fluff, I'm enjoying the fluff. But I'd like less on the dress and more on who the Royals are meeting (and why said people were chosen).

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... there are people out there who really sparkle"

sorry, frances... we'll have to agree to disagree.

the british royal family may have served a useful purpose during the early & middle ages... but a hereditary system of rule (divine right of kings) has about as much utility today as burning witches at the stake... or using garlic to ward off vampires.

worse... it is an insult to true democratic rule.

as for shining, i suspect you could walk down the street in any major city in the world and find equally physically impressive women.

neither kate, nor william has done anything to earn my adulation. let's not get started on the less-than-stellar conduct of william's father... prince jughead.