11 July 2011

No more Mr. Nice Guy

This is why I wanted to see a Harper majority... so the kid gloves could really come off...

-- OTTAWA -- Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is set to announce Monday that Canada is boycotting the United Nations Conference on Disarmament over North Korea’s involvement, a senior government source told Postmedia News.

“The fact that it gets a turn chairing a United Nations committee focused on disarmament is unacceptable,” Baird said in a statement last week.

“We call on North Korea to pass the chair on to a credible country that will advance the disarmament agenda within the UN.”
Quite a refreshing change from the "business as usual" crowd...
Baird’s Monday announcement comes in contrast to the warm words Canada’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva had for his North Korean counterpart after his appointment last week.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see Canada take the lead in withdrawing from the UN completely, this hornets nest of despots, tyrants, socialists, communists and followers of Maurice Strong's religion of one world government should be de-funded and shut down.

dmorris said...

This is a tiny,and I DO mean TINY,step in the right direction. This costs Canada nothing,and not even the MSM will criticize the government for this stance, BUT, let's see the same stance on the Global Warming scam.

Let's see the government announce that the science isn't settled,there's no proof AGW is a fact,and cut out the carbon taxes,and carbon sequestration programs.

I know Harper has refused to re-sign up with Kyoto, but more is needed,and we have to get the taxes DOWN on fuel.

Neo Conservative said...

the harper government also pulled out of the farce that was durban 2... another principled stand.

but you're right... there's a long way to go.