06 July 2011

Oh, c'mon... this guy could get acquitted...

...like the NDP could get elected to... oh my gawd...

-- QUEBEC -- A jury has found Guy Turcotte, the Quebec cardiologist who admitted he stabbed his two children to death, not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder.

The judge had instructed jurors that acquittal was not an option, as Turcotte admitted he stabbed his children, Anne-Sophie, three, and Olivier, five, in February 2009.

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"Hard-partying single mother fails to report her toddler missing for a month, then lies to police about a kidnapping by a non-existent nanny. Then there was the suspiciously foul smell in the trunk of the mother's car."


Anonymous said...

Guy Turcotte is a serious threat to his x-wife and her friends
if IF he is mentally ill he is a serious threat to society
having brutally murdered two very young helpless children HIS OWN Children
both children depended on their Father for help and protection
may he spend his remaining days under close supervision

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, that's not the way this works here in canada.

a verdict of "not criminally responsible" basically absolves the do'er... and the object of the exercise then changes... into helping this poor individual become well again.

the children who were, in this case, stabbed to death... well, they're basically forgotten by the system.

as soon as the doctors feel they have fixed this killer's problem... they will start campaigning to release him back into the field of folk.

remember vincent li... the infamous bus beheader? the "health professionals" are already trying to get him out on escorted passes.

the guy who shot & killed tv sportscaster brian smith in ottawa... same deal... released as soon as the doctors claimed he was cured.

in today's fuzzy-bunny, socially conscious planet pinko... there's no such thing as a bad boy anymore.

even somebody who guts & slaughters a couple of small children.

oh canada.


dmorris said...

Yes,it's a damned good thing Canadians don't believe in vigilante justice,or this guy and a couple of others might be in extreme danger when they're inevitably paroled.

Here in B.C., our own mental patient -of-the-month,Allan Dwayne Schoenborn, has already applied for day parole, only three years after he massacred his three little kids!

After the murder, he fled and was found on a logging road by a local hunter,who unfortunately, didn't mistake him for a deer.

Sean M said...

The details of this case leave me sick and angry. The courts have essentially absolved this vile waste of skin for committing an act so repugnant and monstrous that it is impossible to even try to comprehend. The courts and the "Justice system" are so unhinged and corrupt that they fail to see that the real victims were the innocent defenseless children of this evil, vindictive piece of shit. To think that the courts see this child murdering ghoul as a victim is complete and utter madness.

canadianna said...

Do you remember the guy who killed his inlaws while sleep-walking? People keep finding new ways to kill and get a pass.