01 July 2011

In other "non-traditional medicine" news

It seems booking yourself into a recognised rehab facility... isn't the only way to deal with a substance abuse problem...halls of macadamia/And apparently, things were proceeding swimmingly...
“Until the cops showed up...the bastards,” he said, inciting laughter from the pews.
And this is funny... how?



"You forgot the other meme: 'She loved her kids. She would do anything for those kids.'

As long as 'anything' didn't involve stopping smoking crack/meth and stopping getting into the cars of strangers to perform sex acts for $20 to pay for the crack/meth."

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-- TORONTO -- A Toronto man is dead after he was stabbed at a Canada Day basketball tournament in the city's northeast.

Shawn Charles, 39, was stabbed and later died in hospital.

Police say more than 50 people were at the celebration. They're asking anyone who saw the argument to come forward.

This is Toronto's 25th homicide of the year.

LAST WORD: Oops... missed one
double trouble