07 July 2011

It's all relative, I guess

So I open up my email this morning... and in with the usual nonsensical trolls... (seriously, your hobby is to heckle members of a small conservative blogroll?)... I find out a friend of ours has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

If there is a gawd... he's sure got a shitty sense of humour.


Anonymous said...

Condolences, Neo. Just helped my brother get through colon cancer, all good news now, but its been a rough two years. And we had to smile nicely when the True Believers offered to put a word in with the big guy upstairs - the same big buy who gave him the damn stuff...

I don't pray, but I can certainly hope against hope that things change for the better, and at the very least hope your friend has a large, loving and strong circle of family and friends to help. Believe me, even the smallest effort goes a long way.

Dollops said...

My sympathies too. As a survivor of cancer and other very bad stuff, I pray for others as I was prayed for. The benefits might be purely psychological but I believe that it's better to take a leap of faith than to despair. A note to atheists - imagine a God who is to humans as humanity is to antdom. The blameless ant doesn't have a clue who we are or why we sometimes poison or kick the chit out of his nest. Tho not a bible scholar I know that He tells us in effect "You do not know Me or My ways. Follow My laws and your life will be better, but I give you no guarantees." Amen.

Neo Conservative said...

these folks are doing what they can to get through this thing. it's just hard to accept the randomness, i guess.

both very educated, successful, compassionate, accomplished human beings.

no bad habits... no hanging out in crack houses. he watched what he ate & drank.

the one thing they did after the diagnosis was get married. they have each other and will fight this thing together.