04 July 2011

Ontario stock tip: Time to find a company...

...that makes caramel corn and buy big...

The mid-July deadline was recently extended when federal government lawyer Kevin Wilson successfully argued the need for the current pot laws and regulations to stay in place until Ontario’s highest court could hear the appeal, likely in November. In granting the deadline extension, Court of Appeal Justice Robert Blair noted:

“The practical effect of the decision if the suspension were permitted to expire on July 14 would be to legalize marijuana production in Ontario, if not across Canada.”


The Grey Lady said...

Neo really would the world be a worse place if MJ was legalized? I never understood the war on pot, I myself do not smoke but I see no material difference, nor do the folks I know that smoke it seem any more criminal then beer drinkers.

Neo Conservative said...

"grey lady asks... would the world be a worse place if MJ was legalized?"

did i actually say that?

sorry... i thought folks knew where i stood on the marijuana thing.