04 December 2018

What reeks of snake oil and...

insert alt text here...has more costume changes than a Cher concert?

"What is clear is that with what has been redacted the Trudeau PMO wants the RCMP to be the fall guys for this."

UPDATE: Deny, deny, deny...
"And we’re left with even more questions. This is a government that accused a trading partner of sabotage, essentially."


joseph fisher said...

Yes must have been the mounties fault.
Because they didn't vet the list of names given to the PMO and then forwarded to RCMP HQ, thats why justin beclowned himself and his family on an official visit that he imposed on the Indian government.
Yep, this can't be fake news, no siree.
And global warming is real.
Sarc off

Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------- the same government has just given all police throughout all the country the ability to require a breath test any time they wish. Zeig heil.

Neo Conservative said...

what happens when you elect an
out of work drama teacher.


Tommy 'Sterilize 'Em All' Douglas said...

The good news is that the whole India fiasco historical record is being rewritten under the 2018 $595 Million Media Goodspeak Bill.

Thank you, you stupid F@#$*&G Liberal voters...