16 December 2018

The usual... well, you know

Toronto police scoop up four local farmers & hunt... wait a minute...insert alt text here

Through an extensive investigation by the West Field Command Gun Violence Suppression Unit, four males, Ahmed Siyad, 27, Olad Olad, 20, Mohamud Duale, 28, and Ahmed Dirie, 26, all from Toronto were were identified and arrested.

Surveillance video showed them pumping 33 bullets into a helpless man who just happened to be in a parking lot in the Jane and Finch area. They face 26 criminal counts including attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and a myriad of firearms charges.
And, take note snowflakes... it ain't epidermal... it's about culture...
In a song called All Charged Up, Drake raps “Niggers snitching on us without no interrogation. I stay silent ‘cause we at war.” In another the song No Tellin, he says, “Yeah, police comin’ ‘round lookin’ for some help, On a case they gotta solve, we never help ‘em.”
Pretty tough talk for an upper-middle class soap opera child actor from Forest Hill.


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks ---------- I wonder just what strain of imported vibrants they really are. that was a rhetorical question, I am quite sure I know.

Neo Conservative said...

no pork, no alcohol.. no problem
with putting two dozen rounds
into someone as they lay on the


Stuck in T.O. said...

Good old Aubrey. Key to the city and all...... smfh

Neo Conservative said...

i wanna see pictures of aubrey at his
bar mitzvah... not so gangstery then,
i bet.