18 December 2018

Denmark throws in the towel...

...you know it's past time...insert alt text here

"Denmark’s Immigration minister Inger Støjberg has told the country’s Somali migrants to return home and work on improving their own country after the Danish government ruled parts of Somalia safe.

The automatic right to asylum from countries like Somalia was revoked in Denmark’s 2015 amendment to its Immigration Act."


Captain Dave said...

"insert alt text here" not linking

Neo Conservative said...

sorry... fixed.


dmorris said...

Sensible move,Denmark. I guess they,unlike Canada, do NOT have an Immigration Minister who was born in "beautiful Somalia" as Hussen called it.

Btw,has anyone ever inquired as to the level of education of the average Somali immigrant?

Neo Conservative said...

my suggestion is to watch the
movie "blackhawk down."

trust me, nobody in beautiful
downtown mogadishu is gonna
be splittin' the atom anytime