14 December 2018

Noted local conservative Angus McTartan...

...shot dead in Toronto intersec... wait a minute...insert alt text here

Police have identified a 29-year-old man who died after a shooting in Etobicoke on Wednesday. Around 6 p.m., officers got a call about a Honda Civic that had struck a tree at Islington Avenue and Dixon Road.
Curiously, yet again... not a peep from BLM, Toronto.


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TORONTO - A man was seriously wounded after being shot in a Harbourfront condo on York St., near Scotiabank Arena early Friday. Police are looking for two black men seen running from the area at the time.

LAST WORD: No more crazies, no more criminals...most wanted
"Actually, the CBC's total cost figure of $2 billion for the entire gun registry "file" amounts to about $685,000 per day, which means they spent the entire initially estimated budget of $2 million, again according to the CBC, every three days, for eight years straight."
Remember, as soon as Justin confiscates legally owned firearms from farmers, hunters and skeet shooters... all the violence will stop.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- blacks killing blacks and they are complaining about the police.

Neo Conservative said...

the silence of the BLMs.

toronto's record high homicide rate
largely consisting of brutal black
on black gangbanger homicide and
suddenly black lives matter loses
its voice.

funny how that works.