17 December 2018

Prime Minister Dressup should stick...

...to dealing drugs...insert alt text here

Here is a simple question for Canada to answer: has a single place, anywhere in the world, ever seen its murder rate decline after banning all handguns or all guns?

We can’t find such a place. Every single time that guns have been banned, murder rates have gone up — often several-fold. Handgun homicides continued to rise after Canada’s 1995 ban on more than half of all legally registered handguns.

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"Investigators say they have identified the suspect in the shooting as 23-year-old Mississauga man Travon Edwards-Bryan."
Yet another "irregular" firearms enthusiast.

LAST WORD: No... it's not near Jane & Finch...
The shooting occurred on San Romanoway, near Jane Street and Finch Avenue, shortly after 6 a.m.
It is Jane & Finch. I know because I lived there in the 70s'.

Murder number 94.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says --------- facts and truth rarely have any sway in Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

here's a fact... ccw permit holders
are the most law-abiding demographic
in the continental united states...
unlike some northwest end residents
of ontario's largest urban center.


Anonymous said...

You’re a stupid moron. Every country with gun control has lower murder rates.