12 December 2018

Known Wolves

Live and don't learn... and die...insert alt text here

"New information has revealed that Chérif Chekkat has 27 prior criminal convictions and yelled “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

Paris public prosecutor Remy Heitz said on Wednesday two people had been killed in the attack and one was left brain-dead. Twelve were wounded, six seriously."
Let's face it... it's too late for France and their totally self-inflicted cultural death sentence.insert alt text here
French police say the gunman, Chérif Chekkat is one of 12,000 ‘gangster-jihadists’ who exist under the radar.

Security forces have said it would be impossible to keep an eye on all 12,000 listed for suspected Islamist views or even the 4,000 considered “problematic”.

Since the watch list was established in 1969, 400,000 people have been added to it. Of the 20,000 currently on the Fiché-S list only a dozen are thought to be under 24-hour surveillance.

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Meanwhile on CBC Radio... "Doug Ford's financial malfeasance"... the "OPP in Northern Ontario is racist"... and the usual "Donald Trump is a Nazi" fanfare.insert alt text hereNot word one about Strasbourg... or Raheem Moseley. Surprise, surprise.


Anonymous said...

old white guys says --------- Strasbourg was just the result of a person celebrating Christmas in his own diverse way.

Neo Conservative said...

like the french university lecturer
who was stabbed to death recently
because he had a picture of ol' mo.