24 December 2018

Justin's Post National State...

...a magical land where there is no race or gender... no good or bad...insert alt text here

“For investigative reasons, his name and information will not be released at this time,” Toronto Police Insp. Domenic Sinopoli said in a statement released Saturday. “The information will be released when appropriate.”

Sinopoli would not elaborate on race, hair colour or age of the victims.

UPDATE: Toronto PD shocker reveal...
"In a news release issued Monday, police identified the suspect as Inzaghi Regis, 20."

RELATED: In other perpetratorless crimes...
"Two men were injured in separate shootings in Toronto overnight Monday, according to police. No suspect information was immediately available."
Because... racism.


LAST WORD: Deck the... sweet baby jebus...
"The victim has been identified by police as 33-year-old Soheil Rafipour."
Obviously, we need to look at root causes.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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