20 December 2018

Put him in a cell...

...and weld the door shut...

Husbands, 29, has admitted killing Nixon Nirmalendran, 22, and Ahmed Hassan, 25, and wounding five others in the wild spray of bullets on June 2, 2012, but says he’s not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder.

Now was his chance to convince the jury that after a childhood of trauma, their vicious attack left him mentally shattered.
Well, I guess everybody deserves a second... sweet baby jebus...
"Husbands was also supervising children at a City of Toronto-run facility from November 2011 to May 2012 while on $4,000 house arrest bail for the sexual assault."
Well, there's always the "bad memory" defense...
Accused murderer Christopher Husbands testified Thursday he recalled his hands rising in a shooter’s pose, but “doesn’t remember” fatally shooting two men at the Eaton Centre."
Once a predator, always a predator.


"I often go to the Eaton Centre food court to soothe my PTSD. I seldom bring my handgun."

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Toronto Police have identified the city’s 95th homicide victim of the year as Edwin Humberto Velasquez.

LAST WORD: Coincidence? I think not.
On Tuesday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed he was planning to hike council tax by the highest possible amount for the second year in a row in order to pay for more policing, as killings in the capital reached the highest number for a decade.
Remember back, you were a kid... all those machete attacks?

Yeah... me neither.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------------ time to bring back the death penalty.

some Randy guy said...

I often go to the Eaton Centre food court to soothe my PTSD. I seldom bring my handgun.

What a crock of sh/7.

Neo Conservative said...

husbands is the poster boy for
bringing back the noose.