19 December 2018

“Guns cause crime"...

..."the way flies cause garbage”...most wanted

"Bullets were flying in the city Tuesday as one man was killed and three wounded in four separate shootings within 15 hours. Police said three black males wearing dark clothing were seen fleeing in a vehicle."
Homicide #94... but, cheer up, there's no more "carding."

How will taking away my registered, securely locked away firearms even begin to slow these violent criminals down?


RELATED:"Another one bites the dust"insert alt text hereSo, seven shootings & two KIA...
A second man has died after he was shot on King Street west of Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto early Wednesday morning.
Toronto's 95th homicide of 2018.


LAST WORD: Well, Chief... we all kind of know...insert alt text here
In 95 per cent of the cases detectives “do know who did it,” based on what they’re hearing in the street, Chief Mark Saunders said. Saunders is a former homicide detective and one time unit commander of the squad.

Officers are still encouraged to talk and built rapport with members of the public, but some don’t bother because they fear they’ll be accused of racial profiling.
That's the Toronto Red Star and Toronto's black police Chief talking, btw.


joseph fisher said...

I guess they were not carrying a box of raspberries.

Neo Conservative said...

go back over toronto's 2018
handgun homicides. who are
the shooters? who are the
of course, nothing
is done, because... racism.

let the "community" live
with that.


dmorris said...

Sure,they're having some minor problems with careless use of firearms,specifically handguns,which will soon be banned so this problem will disappear and will rapidly become yesterday's news.

Now, I don't live anywhere near Toronto,and would move if I did, but one question has been bugging me for years: several years ago city council decided that basketball courts were the answer to the problems with the city's disaffected youth,so as I understand it,they built dozens of basketball courts.

So, how many graduates of that program are currently playing in the NBA?
10? 100? 1000? More? Less?

Neo Conservative said...

lots of shootings at those
basketball courts... seems
folks are a little hesitant
to use them.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------------- more vibrants cleaning up their own gene pool.

Neo Conservative said...

here's a thought. if, as the chief says...
the cops know who 95% of the killers are,
but they just let them run around without
24/7 surveillance... if these thugs kill
someone else, aren't the cops legally