24 October 2018

Weston Bakeries to issue apology...

...for making "white" bread...insert alt text here

In an interview with the National Post in May, Jacqueline Scott at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education suggested people of colour face cultural barriers to outdoor activities.

“There is a sense that the outdoors is a white space, that people of colour don’t belong in that space.”
Hmmm... let's travel to an inner city neighbourhood and see if... sweet baby jebus...
The eight-year-old boy then dashes across the street just as two individuals get out of the vehicle and open fire on the unidentified man who crossed the street earlier... 15 shell casings were recovered at the scene from two different caliber handguns.
Oh, Rexdale... don't ever change.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ======== just one more verification of my view of the average Canadian.

Neo Conservative said...

in response to the mec announcement,
the toronto raptors have announced
they will be letting twenty players
go in order to redress the racial
imbalance on the present team.