16 October 2018

Black Lives Matter, Toronto?

Apparently, just not to each other...insert alt text here

"An armed standoff in the elevator of a Front St. condominium triggered a 'gang war kidnapping,' where two male teens were tortured, held captive for several days, forced to perform sex acts on each other while being videotaped and to play Russian roulette with a loaded gun."
You don't remember this one?
"Investigators believe the kidnapping was precipitated by a shootout involving the Young Buck Killas and the Queens Drive Crips that unfolded April 19 in the 25th-floor hallway of 300 Front St. W."
Oh, it gets better... by which I mean worse.

Remember... Justin Trudeau thinks confiscating my legally registered firearms will solve this problem.


Craig C said...

Justin Trudeau does not think. Ever.

Neo Conservative said...

black on black violence goes through
the roof... let's go after farmers &


John the Mad said...

When one hits the link to the page you linked to at the Toronto Police site You get this message.

"The page you are attempting to access no longer exist. Please navigate from the menu above to your next destination."