11 October 2018


...Omar Khadr, multimillionaire...insert alt text here

"Suspected Islamic State fighter Jack Letts – nicknamed “Jihadi Jack” by the British media – is likely to be repatriated to Canada rather than the UK."
Ah, yes, Canada... special laws for special people.

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Four years ago, the Canadian was a defiant voice of the so-called Islamic State, using his social media accounts to spread beheading photos, threats and incitement messages to an English-speaking audience.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says:::::::::::::::::::: someone actually asked what Canada should do with such people. Well, is it not obvious? You give them 10 million dollars and a get of jail forever card. It's the Canadian way don't ya know. The country is so F::ked.

Neo Conservative said...

justin trudeau represents the riding
of papineau, one of canada's poorest
ridings per capita... which not too
surprisingly has a large muslim
population. imagine that.


Canadianna said...

At a loss for words.

Neo Conservative said...

how could illegals possibly circumvent our rigorous screening proc...
wait a freakin' minute...

"The report said that to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s
election campaign promise
to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by
the end of 2015, changes were made to the screening process."

"The screening period was shortened to 96 hours from 30 days,
for example."