07 October 2018

If it only saves one life...

Ontario politicians call for total ban on automobiles on provincial highways...insert alt text here

"The OPP has investigated 156 fatalities so far this year connected to one of the big four causes, aggressive driving, impaired driving, inattentive driving and failure to use a seatbelt. The number doesn't include the latest deaths."
It gets better... by which I mean, worse.


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...sweet baby jebus...
The limousine which killed 20 Americans in a New York road accident was owned and maintained by an immigrant with a fraud conviction who ignored diverse safety warnings from state regulators, according to media reports.

But Shahed Hussain may have been quietly protected from deportation because he had agreed to work with the FBI to block terror plots after the 9/11 atrocity, amid the fast-rising population of government-invited Islamic immigrants.


Dollops said...

Prosecute every vehicular "accident" involving persons and/or property other than the driver's. Render invalid any insurance policy that might benefit a driver convicted of causing such an "accident". No further need for traffic cops, breathalyzers, stonalyzers, speed limits .. hell, even driver's licences.

Neo Conservative said...

nope... cars kill people... obviously
people can't be allowed to own such
dangerous machines.

at minimum, we must immediately
prohibit "high capacity" gas