24 October 2018

Borrow as much as you can...

...and never, ever pay it off... said no financial advisor ever...insert alt text here

Merrilee Fullerton, the minister of training, colleges and universities, says in a news release the province is not in a position to fund the expansions because of its $15 billion deficit.

The previous Liberal government announced plans to spend more than $300 million on the projects.
Face it, Ontario, it's not just you... your kids and grandkids will be on the hook for the Liberals legacy of shameless waste.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ====== drop all the fake degree courses and start teaching skills and literacy and no new college buildings will be needed.

Neo Conservative said...

you want your kid to have a good life
in the new canadian economy? send him
to trade school... we can't even get
a technician to repair appliances any

you can weld or lay bricks, you're a
one-eyed man in the land of the blind.