01 October 2018

Fifty Shades of Gay

Not once in my life, have I ever encountered a man who said, "I really, really wish my wife had a penis"...insert alt text here

A biological male who identifies as a woman asked the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office to force a female-oriented spa on the South Shore to give him a bikini wax and other beauty services under the state’s gender identity law.

The complainant also detailed his troubles with other spas in Braintree and Quincy, including one that “said I was not really a woman because I had a penis.”

The video, originally uploaded to BBC Radio Manchester’s Facebook page, shows young children at Bewsey Lodge Primary School being instructed to write love letters from “Prince Henry” to his manservant, “Thomas”, with the teacher instructing her pupils: “You’re going to tell Thomas why it’s a brilliant idea for him to marry you.”


Anonymous said...

I got nothing.

Neo Conservative said...

breasts and a penis... I mean
that's just being greedy.