18 October 2018

But, but, but... they said Tru-Dope...

...would make me faster, smarter AND better looking...insert alt text here

"The ticket, like a lot of offences pertaining to legal marijuana, comes with a $672 fine."

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...I'm here to save you...
The only problem is that the Ontario Cannabis Store had initially mislabelled how to apply the product, saying it was for "sublingual" use, which means under the tongue -- in other words, orally.

The spray made by Hexo Corp. is meant to be applied on the genitals.
Weed for that itchy, worn-out millennial wazoo.

Thanks Prime Minister!


BDFT said...

And here is the real reason marijuana has been regulated, not legalized. So the cops can write 672.00 tickets. Those tickets will be tied to your drivers license and, in BC at least, to your car insurance. Just another revenue stream for the provinces and the feds. They will make far more from enforcement of BS, made up rules than they will from taxes. Put a guy in jail and taxes pay for it, write him a ticket and sit back and let the money roll in.

Neo Conservative said...

it's obviously about the revenue stream.
even justin's mental mom has come out
and said smoking dope was the prelude
to every one of her breakdowns and
hospitalization. the canadian
medical association recommended an
age limit of 25 because of the
plasticity of youn brains.

but pm kokanee knows better.