12 October 2018

Taking guns away from farmers, hunters...

...and skeet shooters... that'll solve everything...insert alt text here

Police say the male suspect accused of killing 18-year-old Elliott Reid-Doyle in a Scarborough parking lot last week knew him for no more than one minute before firing several shots at him and fleeing on foot.

UPDATE: Just a matter of time...
On Saturday, Toronto Police said they identified the suspect as Amal Jones of Toronto. He is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached if seen.
But wait... there's more...insert alt text here
Police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for 31-year-old Richard Chambers of Innisfil who allegedly shot up a nightclub in Mississauga in September.
The usual suspects.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ============ not much more can be said about our multicultural vibrant society.

Neo Conservative said...

banning guns because of gangbangers
makes about as much sense as banning
cars to solve drunk driving.

target the shooters.


Unknown said...

why am I not suprized

Neo Conservative said...

where is "black lives matters" these days?