28 January 2015

What could possibly go wrong?

Didn't Justin's daddy dearest increase the deficit tenfold over his illustrious reign?

Liberal finance critic Scott Brison hinted at the party’s thinking when he told Mr. Berthiaume much of the work could be done “off the government balance sheet” by tapping funds from pension plans, including the Canada Pension Plan, into which all working Canadians contribute.
Feelin' lucky, punk?


FROM THE COMMENTS: Justin won't need CPP

With his his champagne tastes, it's a good thing Justin will have his 7 times better than private industry pension...
Before being elected a Liberal MP, Trudeau chaired the charitable youth group Katimavik, which was started by his late father's Liberal government.

The Harper government recently announced that it would stop funding Katimavik, citing high per-person costs for its youth-exchange program. Receipts for a Katimavik retreat at the posh 4 Diamond Loews Concorde hotel in Quebec City show that Trudeau billed double the rate of other Katimavik members.
The Crown Prince likes his creature comforts... fine brandies, sushi and premium Grey Goose vodka.

Even before being elected, Justin fed off the government teat.


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