21 January 2015

Spoken like a part-time drama teacher

Hang on a second. Wasn't there some other Trudeau who did find a use for Canadian soldiers? plastic cutlery rulesI know... let's ask Quebec.domestic terror**********

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OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear that if ISIS terrorists fire at Canadian troops, “we’re going to fire back and we’re going to kill them.”
I know who I'm voting for.


Anonymous said...

What the heck is Trudeau's problem anyway? Combat mission? YES it's a damn combat mission over there. Doesn't Trudeau remember that we were attacked twice last year? Doesn't Trudeau remember 9/11? What are we supposed to do?
Those brave soldiers are fighting for our very freedom, the freedom that gives Trudeau the right to spew hatred towards the very men and women who are sacrificing their lives for Canada.
Well what could one expect coming from an elitists like Trudeau anyway? He'll go back to his comfy home, put on his cardigan, put a log on the fire, let the dog out for a walk and read a story to his little lib kids. Meanwhile, we have men and women fighting the war on terror dedicating their lives and making it completely safe for Trudeau and his perfect family to live their liberal dreams.

Frances said...

For those of us in 'fly-over' country, the military has always been worthy of respect. During WW II, the prairie men flocked to the colours. Actually, I heard a lot of the gravitated to the Navy, perhaps as a reaction to the drought.

When we look at our families' contribution to WW II, the only men who weren't in either the Canadian armed forces or the merchant marine were either too young, not fit, or working at a seriously necessary factory/smelter.

When Justin's father cruised around Montreal on a motor cycle wearing a German helmet, he was giving the middle finger to all our families stood for (and some of the family was very much francophone). That Justin continues this tradition dishonours more recent family members who are - or were - members of the armed forces, various police forces, and the Coast Guard.

Anonymous said...

His problem is that he doesn't want to upset his Muslim voting block

Neo Conservative said...

justin's poll numbers show that people are on to his vacuous game. his obvious disdain for anything outside his rainbows & unicorns world view is beginning to erode his prettyboy appeal.