17 January 2015

The hippopotamus before the cart

I know it's a brave new world and standards have been relaxed to accomodate, well... all sorts of things... but what sort of chucklehead, after 24 weeks of training, can't figure out radio protocol, or how to put on a bulletproof vest?

The answer, apparently... is lots.

“Sightings were being reported based on caller location (as opposed to suspect location), then broadcast out of order.

Many RCMP officers did not know that hard body armour was available in vehicles while others were not familiar with how to wear the equipment properly, the report said.
The review, which was led by Alphonse MacNeil, a retired RCMP assistant commissioner, after detailing these startling shortcomings, got down to brass tacks...policing for dummiesWhoa, Alphonse, pump the brakes... if your people can't figure out the vests (we're talking velcro straps, right?) without attending special post academy training classes... should we really be handing them more powerful guns?

Maybe the "get a bigger hammer" school of policing isn't the only answer here.


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"One is in very grave condition, and the other is in serious but stable condition," RCMP assistant commissioner Marlin Degrand said at a news conference on Saturday.
Whatever happened here, I'm pretty sure bigger guns are not the solution.


Anonymous said...

maybe we should rethink the multicultural approach to policing. so says oldwhiteguy.

Neo Conservative said...

if, after 6 months of training at the rcmp academy, you actually have people who don't know how to put on body armour or work a radio... you're doing something wrong. do these cadets simply spend 24 weeks grooming the horses for the musical ride?

the suggestion that these same people be handed more powerful weapons conjures up two words... friendly fire.

what are the current standards for being hired by the rcmp and how do said standards correlate to the fatalities suffered in recent years?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the current standards for being hired for the RCMP these days seem to depend entirely on a single essential qualification: the absence of male genitals.


Whether or not the penis-deprived can figure out which way the projectile exits the barrel seems irrelevant.

Neo Conservative said...

mrs neo's cousin was rejected by the toronto police service.

being a strapping 6 plus foot university educated male of anglo ancestry... he did not meet their current requirements.

fortunately, the police department's loss was society's gain... he is now a paramedic.