19 January 2015

Close American ally, my infidel arse

It seems falling oil prices... are the least of their problems...

Saudi officials don’t like to talk about it, but experts who closely follow developments inside the kingdom say ISIS enjoys growing support among ordinary Saudis, who see the group as the true champion of embattled Sunnis in their sectarian struggles against the Shiite-led governments in Iran and elsewhere.

For many Saudis, ISIS also stands for a righteous, austere brand of Islam, while the royal family, they believe, is irredeemably corrupt.
It seems the Saudi Royal family... a major funder and exporter of Islamic fundamentalism is about to reap the whirlwind.


Anonymous said...

reap the whirlwind........the sooner the better.

Neo Conservative said...

trouble is, once isis has control over the saudi oilfields... they have unlimited funding and leverage over oil-consuming nations.

perhaps saving the saudis and thus having a major say in how they then behave is also an option.

a moot point, i suppose, as baracko el-bama preaches muslim solidarity.