31 January 2015

The Paris Hilton...

...of Canadian politics...

“Please finish the following sentence: If elected, my first full day as prime minster I would…”

The transcript on the paper’s website writes “Pause” before Trudeau’s response. That was exceedingly generous. I would have put “Epic pause.”

It lasts around nine seconds. Which on video – as anyone with media training knows – feels like pretty much an hour. In that time Trudeau widens his eyes. Shrugs. Gives a coy smile. Exhales.
The Crown Prince did his best, but was, as usual, less than impressive.
A couple of problems here. Can anyone discern any actual content in this answer? Aside from the fact that he intends to do something like phone up the mayor of Kingston and promise he won’t swear at him or something like that.
Gomer city... again.


Anonymous said...

He's another iggy although I suspect the melt down will be much more fun. Sent from my ass crack.

Anonymous said...

If elected, my first full day as prime minster I would:

continue to allow abortion on demand,

continue to allow same sex marriage,

continue to allow the confiscation of guns from legal owners in the name of public safety,

Continue the soft on crime approach while ignoring victims,

continue to allow the police and crown prosecutors to charge people with crimes for defending themselves,

continue to allow massive immigration despite the fact it cost us over 20 billion a year,

continue to allow massive immigration from Muslim countries - especially ones that openly support terrorism, which is pretty much all of them,

continue to support Cuba a known communist regime that violates human rights at every turn and allow Canadians to spend over 2 billion dollars of tourists money there cause my daddy would be very proud

continue to send hundreds of millions of tax payers dollars in foreign aid to communists and Islamic countries,

continue to send tens of billions of dollars in transfer payments to the nation of Québec for their welfare,

continue to send billions in transfer payments to Ontario and the Atlantic provinces for their welfare,

continue to do business with communist China despite the numerous human rights violations committed on their people and despite the massive campaign of corporate theft and espionage against us,

continue to remain silent about all the Christians being persecuted in Muslim countries while at the same time allowing massive immigration of Muslim refugees here,

continue to allow the practice of affirmative action (oh sorry I mean employment equity) in the public sector hiring process so that I have token minorities from every corner of the world so that I may not be called a racist and so that it looks like I'm promoting equality for all - cause my daddy would be proud

continue to allow Muslims in Canada to be granted over accommodation pray in public schools and practice gender segregation in public swimming pools,

Yeah my first day in office I basically wouldn't change a single solitary thing cause I kinda like it right now how the cons fooled all the stupid Canadian into thinking that they had a conservative government with conservative principles.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... like all the other comments you post here, why pretend to be clever or conservative?

just slag the prime minister and don't risk carpal tunnel trying to be witty.

it'll be easier on all of us.


Anonymous said...

Okay then there Halls can you name one of those things mentioned that your precious Harper DID NOT DO!!!! Cause Harper does them all.... and excuse me for not being grammatical perfect like you...see I aint gots the university/diversity education yous gat bro.

BTW I'm voting for the CHP cause I am a true Conservative who cares about the values and history of this once great country.....until the Trudeaus and Harper wrecked it.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny... that's what makes this country great... you can vote for tom, dick or sun myung moon you take a fancy to.

the political reality, however... is if you vote for a candidate who embodies all of the things on your wish list, you will be pissing your vote down the drain.

stephen harper has to navigate the stormy waters of leftwing lunacy that make it possible for the son of the man who increased the national debt by a factor of 10 to get his hands on the levers of power.

note that canada, under harper, despite the financial downturn, is the best performing economic entity of all the g8 nations.

you seem, at first glance, to be no less a zealot than the screaming beardies calling for sharia law.

even so, i respect your right to your opinion... which is, sadly, what sets us apart.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for respecting my opinion. I know that I'm against everything in my list that Trudeau wouldn't Change. "Trudeau wouldn't Change" that's the key cause it's what we have KNOW under Harper. that's everything I and many other true conservative strongly oppose. Canada is such a left leaning/moderate/progressive country that we are basically a bunch of lefties who call ourselves Cons cause Harper wears a blue neck tie. Things are going to get more leftists/progressive under Harper, Trudeau or Mulclair it doesn't matter. What we need is a drastic shift to bring back the founding principles of this once great Nation. That statement itself is what scares progressives cause they accuse me of being Christian lobbyists, which liberals despise. These liberal/progressives sure as hell don't mind the idea of Sharia law tho. Personally; I would take a Christian society over a Sharia one but then again I guess I'm just a radical right winger who dropped outta high school to pursue a trade like all other conservatives in Western Canada. I did go to church up until I was 19! That's fine cause God will judge me on that one eh?!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... That's fine cause God will judge me on that one eh?!"

just another way to say allahu akbar, my friend.