10 January 2015

Dear "Queers against Israeli Apartheid"

is paris burning?Maybe you guys/gals (and various creative iterations of same) should get some new friends...

"What are the upsides of embracing a culture that murders gays, treats women as second-class citizens, puts children in harm’s way, and rejects the entire notion of fun?"
Or maybe just some new priorities?

P.S. - What's the only country in the Middle East that allows Gay Pride celebrations? C'mon... you know this.


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...let Allah sort 'em out...
PARIS — Bicycle patrolman Ahmed Merabet, whose point-blank murder by suspected Islamist extremists on a Paris street was caught on video was a Muslim, according to a colleague. Fellow officer Franck Brinsolaro was also killed, Paris police union spokesman Chris Crepin earlier told NBC News.

LAST WORD: Be very afraid...

MI5 has a longstanding policy of not commenting publicly on specific events. This speech is, to say the least... anomalous.
“We know, for example, that a group of core al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West.”

Andrew Parker, Director General of MI5, also stated, "security services have thwarted three terrorist plots in recent months."
Canada, as we have recently seen, is very much "on the terrorist bubble."

A prudent person might just see fit to avoid large scale public gatherings, sports events, concerts and parades. Soft targets like subways and movie theatres also come to mind.


Anonymous said...

I often wondered why there was even such a group called Queers against Israel Apartheid. Of the Middle Eastern countries, Israel is by far the most progressive on gay rights. Tel Aviv has the largest gay pride parade on the Asian continent while in all the neighbouring states; being gay is still a criminal offence and some like Saudi Arabia and Iran; it is punishable by death. My only conclusion is they are just another leftist group who follow whatever is fashionable amongst leftist without thinking it through.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps these folk feel they have to do something political to inject a note of purpose into what is essentially a naked hedonists indulging in a very public annual bacchanal.