17 January 2015

I guess he does inhale

Despite Justin Trudeau's much celebrated thumbs up for legal dope...dave's not here, man

[Princess of Pot] Jodie Emery's attempt to seek the nomination in the riding of Vancouver East has gone up in smoke.

Liberal spokesman Olivier Duchesneau has confirmed that the party's so-called "Green Light Candidate Review Committee rejected her bid.

Duchesneau didn't provide specific reasons for why Emery's bid was turned down.

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"I meant to reference that Justin Trudeau has smoked pot, I witnessed it in 2003, he enjoyed it, and then six years later as an MP he went to Parliament and voted for bad legislation that wanted to see pot people put in prison for mandatory minimum prison terms."
So, to recap... you say P-spawn smokes dope... but that he also voted to imprison people who do the same?

That's a little hypocritical, isn't it? Could Justin's interaction with Marc Emery have anything to do with Emery's wife being torpedoed as a Liberal candidate?

Of course not.


LAST WORD: So Justin is pro-dope...

...but anti-Marc Emery...
OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says jailed pro-pot activist Marc Emery was "flat out lying" when he said he smoked a few joints with the now Liberal leader.
Ping... pong...


Anonymous said...

and the MSM tried to explain this

Neo Conservative said...

as the recent ghomeshi and amanda lang scandals have shown the cbc is out of control.

take the billion dollars the cbc receives in yearly welfare and put it into health care.