06 September 2012

Those cruel Conservative bastards

Don't you worry, though... I've heard that under Prime Minister Mulcair, the very first piece of legislation will set up a Wicca-Centric school system.


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Toronto the Good... and your tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

Canada already has Wicca-Centric schools, though not explicitly so. They're called Waldorf Schools.

But in paradoxical fashion, Waldorf schools are presently private institutions, and under Mulcair would drastically change character to the point of becomming unrecognizable. Being private schools, most, but not all, of the feminists, hippies, watermellons, anarchists and other professional victims that make up the bulk of Wicca's present membership can't afford to send their children to Waldorf schools.

Indeed, if Wicca would prefer to be taken serioulsy, they really ought to clean house return to the original intent of the religion, and get rid of the feminists, hippies, anarchists, watermellons and other professional victims that have infested the religion.

But then, who'd be left to launch faux grievances and outrage against Vic Toews for percieved religious intolerance?

Well, one can dream I suppose...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... if Wicca would prefer to be taken serioulsy(sic)"

is this about what wiccans want?

surely there's a smell test that one has to pass to be taken seriously? or maybe we do live in a world where scientology, supplying addicts with crackpipes and tacking aftermarket surgical genitals onto "confused" individuals are legitimate coping mechanisms?


Anonymous said...

Well my point was that wiccans claim to want to be taken seriously, but do precious little to accomplish that.

As far as I know, one of the criteria for passing the seriousness smell-test involves not smelling like patchouli and entitlement.

Most witches I know can't manage to pass that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that Wicca didn't need government funding before the aforementioned professional victims et al. got a stranglehold on Wicca's modern incarnation. If I recall correctly, some people were good enough to volunteer their chaplaincy, little or no government funding required.

As for designer genitals, well, being gender-confused is a tough thing to live with, but if people are really unable to live with an outie, and would prefer an innie, then you'd hope that they'd have the decency to pay for it themselves.

Of course, that's what sane people expect. My personal observation is that there are precious few sane people in Ontario in general, and possibly fewer still in Toronto specifically.