20 September 2012

Ask a Journo-Canadian

Seriously now, Ian... what statistically coherent methodology did you apply here to take the temperature of the community at large?generalisations are bad... right?Oh that's right... you had an expert-witness...

Abdifatah Warsame hasn’t been able to speak with immediate families of the latest victims, but said the community is reeling from so many murders of its young men.
Hang on a sec, Ian... your go-to guy can't even tell you what the families of these guys are saying... but he speaks for the entire community? That's just phonin' it in, bud.

So what else has this live wire into the heart of "the community" got?
“In the Somali community, unemployment is over 80%,” compared to the national 8% average, Warsame said. Compared to the lure of fast cash on the street, “how do you motivate the young people when they say they’ll never be part of the Canadian dream?”

This is not a Canadian-Somali problem.”
Of course it isn't... increasing drug violence, bodies piling up. on street corners... I say we blame Stephen Harper. Again.

The thing is, Abdifatah... I'm a little confused. Using the same logic you're spouting here... the success of so many immigrants in the Chinese & Asian communities... that's not due to their sacrifice and hard work?

I'm so confused.


Anonymous said...

The Community spokes person lost me at the Canadian (insert ethnic type) hyphen.
80% unemployed ? Must be somebody's fault, I am thinking it's ours for letting them come here and paying them to sit around and chew bhat.
If they don't want to work send them back to whatever progressive Country they come from.

Neo Conservative said...

there were more than a few comments referring to the government funded somali enclave in the kipling-dixon area of toronto.

i have friends who live in nearby etobicoke and this development is known as a no-go zone for non somalis. it is also known for it's third world state of decay... ie. elevators being used as bathrooms & for criminal activity, primarily drugs.

not so different from the algerian zones in france that feature annual rioting & car-b-q's.


Al the Fish said...


When cultures collide:


The cab driver is a Somali immigrant, and from other reports is a good person. The deceased, "know to police" is a First Nations person from Norway House, a remote reserve in Northern Manitoba. The cab driver apparently suffered a stab wound during an attempted robbery by the passenger.

Winnipeg- one f'd up City.