22 September 2012

Ask a Journo-Canadian

I remember a time, long, long ago... when the needless death of a small child was universally condemned as a terrible thing...

"Islamic faith ensures that an Edmonton toddler, allegedly abused and starved for most of her young life by her parents, is on her way to paradise."
I swear... I'm speechless. Is there any way this thing could be spun to further deflect the horrific reality here?

Of course there is... let's bring in a lawyer.
Lydia Bubel, a lawyer for the girl’s father, told the court Friday that the funeral needed to be arranged quickly because Islamic traditions dictate the girl’s body cannot be embalmed.
Seriously... you're gonna try torque this horrific narrative with religious minutiae? Isn't there a single voice of outrage in the "community?" This two year-old girl weighed 13 pounds.

Let's just step back from the by-now reflexive stroking of any & all of Canada's myriad "communities", to address the established facts...
The girl, known in court documents as M, spent the last three months in a coma, virtually brain dead, while judges decided whether to side with her Muslim parents and keep her on life support or take the advice of doctors and stop life-sustaining treatment.

The parents face charges of aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life – offences that are expected to be upgraded now that the girl is dead.
The article concludes...
Custom states she will forever lay on her right side, with her head facing towards the holy city of Mecca.
Yeah, that's the important thing here. Give us some more of that ol' time religion.

Hey, c'mon... the baby's in paradise now. It's almost like someone did her a favour. Right?


Anonymous said...

"Islamic faith ensures..."

"Islamic traditions dictate..."

"Custom states..."

As if any of that matters.

What does Canadian law say about starving and abusing your child?

However, you wrote: "Give us some more of that ol' time religion."

This is borrowed from Christianity which has nothing to do with Islam. Many people, especially the MSM, put Islam and Christianity in the same category -- it's all "religion" they say. I can assure you the two are as night and day. Just compare the West (with a Christian background) to the Middle East.

Neo Conservative said...

here's my question...

how does a so-called professional journalist segue effortlessly from a murdered toddler... to commentary on religious ritual?

if everybody's so fuckin' observant... if religion was important here... why is there a dead baby in the first place?


Al the Fish said...

Unfortunately, Canadian laws will not allow a sentence of 2 tickets to paradise.

Frances said...

Neo - because girls are not valued in their culture, pure and simple. And it is a cultural thing which transcends religion. Look at India and China where the ratio of boys to girls is in seriously imbalance. And, unfortunately, their religion doesn't say strongly: a real man/woman will die for their children, not kill them. Further, in Islam, mysogeny seems imbedded in the faith as well as the culture.