04 September 2012

Thank you Dead Tree media

Congratulations on taking yet another non-issue that no reasonable person would waste 30 seconds debating... and torquing it up to try create another faux-war in the name of "equality"...that's so unfairJust another reason to dump that useless subscription folks.


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...I smell a Liberal brainwave...

Here's another perfect opportunity for the enlightened, intellectual left to even out the scales of societal injustice by mandating that sperm banks provide "equal" numbers of red-headed future human beings to people looking for IVF... but, hang on... why stop there?

Why should "affirmative action" only extend to the workplace? Why not take that thought to its logical extension and dole out the people goop to balance out all racial inequality.

Let's face it... race and gender are obsolete concepts in today's brave new world, right?


Anonymous said...

Wall Pilgrim, that's puttin' it in "black and white"
Feelin' lucky?

Neo Conservative said...

so that's a john wayne AND a clint eastwood reference... and a racial inference?

i don't get it.