20 September 2012

I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save, er... rebrand you...

Rather than rural Alberta being a home to a large number of same-sex couples, the census may have misidentified transient workers with roommates.

"We believe there is a likelihood we would put people together as a family when they're not. We obviously need to look at our processes in a way to update them and make them better."
Heck... close enough for government work.... right?


Anonymous said...

Lemme see here Neo, we got yer Horseshoes, hand grenades and now census all only depending only on "proximity" or "close enough".
Now have these census takers all been required to watch "Brokeback Mountain" as part of their "sensetivity" trainin"?
Just askin.

jwkozak91 said...

Yup, there's a whole bunch of gay Newfies up in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, aka. oilsands country.

Yup, Statscan - as part of the "professional public service" - 's carrying out the diktats of the Harper-con dictatorship, uh-hunh.

(/sarc, just in case.)

Neo Conservative said...

ya think they asked all the oil rig roustabouts how long they had been married... or maybe just checked off the box in the interest of efficiency?


MONSTER said...

What about the Somalis who tend to cram a large number into a one bedroom apartment in Ft.Mac? Oh ya I forgot all about the mohamadan concept of multi-wifes. Though if their all gay isn't that a sin in their cult? You lefties have got me so confused.

Frances said...

Where have these idiot statisticians been? accommodation has been a recognized way of saving money for ever. You ask new grads of the 50s and 60s - they crammed as many buds as possible into a flat so they had money for the essentials such as beery weekends. Forget "Brokeback Mountain" - show them "Three's Company" (though Susanna Somers wasn't a normal part of the Canadian scene).

Thucydides said...

But it was so important to force people to fill out the long form because the data was important.

If StatsCan produces such erroneous data with their own people, what would make anyone think forms filled out by random people with little or no interest in the process would do better?

It would seem that anyoe who has ever done studies or made policy decisions based on census data had better go back and recheck everything.