14 September 2012

Cultural Relativism on Parade

Or, you know, Nicole... call me wacky... maybe they could just not deal dope AND shoot people... BECAUSE IT'S WRONG...
yeah... no stereotyping here

“Listen, we do use sex to get what we want,” said Nicole Osbourne James, 39, a community activist. “My man comes home late and I’m mad — there won’t be any action in that moment. We do it for minimal reasons, why should it be different if he’s out gangbanging?”
I guess I don't get the premise. I mean, why would you choose to be with a violent, amoral thug in the first place?

And Nicole... that's not a rhetorical question.


my, what a big gun you haveHeck... that beats "racial stereotype" hands down.


Anonymous said...

What is there about her picture that says to me she has not read Lysistrata?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? "ownership"?? There was a time when women were considered 'owned' by their husbands. I thought that, as a society, we had moved away from the notion of romantic ownership...


Neo Conservative said...

nicole, excuse me for being overly practical here... but do you really think it's a good idea to try coerce a violent, gun totin' member of a violent criminal enterprise at, well... any time... never mind after he comes home from a night out partying with his homies?

i'm thinkin', i can imagine more than a couple of ways this scenario might just fly off the rails.