18 September 2012

If only the police would start...

...cracking down on these lawless Scottish clansmen... wait a minute...

• TORONTO • Toronto police are on the scene of a shooting in the northwest end of the city that has claimed the lives of two men.

Residents on Jamestown Crescent near Finch and Martin Grove called police at about 1:30 a.m. after hearing gunshots.
Ah, yes... the "northwest end" of the city... Toronto's mysterious Bermuda Triangle of death.


UPDATE: Double homicide victims identified
"Both victims are believed to be of Somali descent, bringing to six the number of Somali men who've died as a result of gun violence since the start of June 2012."
Now, I know what you're thinking... and this isn't in any way a racist observation... because the CBC has defacto prejudice-exemption status.

So who are the winners of this weeks "northwest leadfest" lottery?"
"Suleiman Ali, 26, of Toronto, and Warsame Ali, 26, of Vaughan, were found in a laneway behind Jamestown Crescent, near Finch Avenue West and Martin Grove Road.

The slayings mark Toronto's 39th and 40th homicides of 2012."