24 September 2012

I remember when they used to...

...call it "Toronto the Good"...

“They believe that they can walk in there and do that in front of all these people and get away with it.”
Homicide unit commander Greg McLane on the Danzig party shooters
Not to rain on your parade, Greg... but they're right...
“The people who know the information they could tell, will never tell the police, ever. They’ve been harassed so much. Put it this way: The people who really know the inside scoop will never tell them nothing.”
Mentor/activist Jam Johnson
Wake up, Toronto... and smell that multi-culturalism.


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We left the Big Smoke in 2001, so my son would not be dragged through the "rainbows & unicorns" Toronto District School System.


dmorris said...

The justice system, represented on the street by the police,has almost NO credibility anymore. Why should people step forward,to be victimized by the friends of the perps,while the cops spew high-sounding rhetoric.

The cops also gleefully enforce taking legally owned firearms away from honest people,and don't arrest people of certain ethnicity if they steal a whole housing development.

So, the people are supposed to TRUST this system?!

They'd have to be crazy!

Frances said...

Neo - had I the misfortune to live in one of these areas, I would be silent as the grave lest I end up in one.

Neo Conservative said...

one thing to remember here... as bad as these places seem to you... they're a step up in the world for most third worlders.

the government actually gives you cash money for doing nothing... and if you have more children they up the bag-o-cash.

the people who stay in these places across generations, as opposed to making an honest living like previous waves of immigrants, are making a choice.