30 November 2018

You mean "ILLEGAL"... right?

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Last year, the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) had the capacity to hear 24,000 claims per year, but received more than 52,000 total new asylum claims — half of which were from irregular migrants.


Dollops said...

Why are we recognizing asylum claims without being at or near a state of war with the country from which the claimant migrates? Where on the scale of mildly dyspeptic to living under a fatwa does Canada begin to see eligibility for asylum?

Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- when I saw that example of government, media speak I just about gagged. Canadians are getting dumber by the day.

Neo Conservative said...

self-inflicted injury, i'm afraid.
you get the government you deserve.


TheTooner said...

"Irregular"? Isn't illegal immigration now our regular kind of immigration?

Neo Conservative said...

seems the record-breaking homicides
in toronto the good are basically
the work if "irregular" firearms